Boost User Engagement: Google Play’s New Update Prompt Tools

Easily prompt users to update to your latest app version with Google Play’s new tools. Enhance user experience now!

Prompt users to update latest app version through play console.

Are you an Android app developer who wants to make sure everyone using your app enjoys the latest updates? Well, Google Play has some great news for you!

Google Play has been helping users update their apps easily for a long time. But sometimes, people end up with old versions of your app that don’t work well anymore. Now, Google Play has a solution for this problem – it’s called Play Recovery Tools.

These tools help remind users with older versions of your app to update whenever they restart the app. This means more people will get to enjoy the best experience your app can offer.

How to prompt users to update latest app version

Using these tools is easy! If you’re an app developer, you can find them in the Google Play Console. Just go to your Releases or the App Bundle Explorer page, and choose the app versions where you want to send the reminders. You can also use the Play Developer API if you prefer.

One important thing to remember is that the version of your app you want to send reminders to must be built as an app bundle. Once you’ve picked your target versions, you can also choose which countries or Android versions to send reminders to, without needing to do any complicated setup.

These recovery tools are already making a big difference – more than half of the users are responding to the reminders, so more people get to enjoy your app’s latest features.

And there’s more! After sending reminders, you can use Play Console to manage your update settings, keep an eye on how things are going, or even cancel the reminders if you need to.

So, why wait? Make your app even better and make sure everyone can enjoy the latest updates by using Google Play’s new recovery tools today!

To find out more about this exciting feature and how to get started, visit here. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your app shine!

I hope this article helps you understand how to use Google Play’s new recovery tool to prompt users to update to your latest app version.

So, go ahead and try it out today!